Become a Nursing Assistant!

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Become a Nursing Assistant!

Healthcare careers are in high demand and there is a need for highly trained and skilled individuals to enter the workforce. Answer the call and start your Nursing Assistant career now. Essential Healthcare offers a flexible schedule with quality educators to help you achieve your goal.

Enrollment Requirements

To begin your new journey in becoming a nursing assistant, our enrollment process requires the following:

  • Two Forms of ID.
  • GED/High School Diploma
  • Updated Immunization Record


In this phase of our Nursing Assistant Training Program the CNA will learn these important aspects of patient care.


  • Fundamentals: introductory concepts including roles and responsibilities; legal issues; ethics; patient communications; anatomy and physiology
  • Safety: controlling infection; preventing injuries; responding to emergencies
  • Providing care: vital signs; positioning/transferring; restorative care; environmental comfort and rest; cleanliness/grooming; meals/fluids; elimination; admissions/transfers/discharges
  • Special care situations: specific illnesses; dementia/cognitive changes; end of life care; infants/children; home care


In this phase of the program the student will build upon the theory portion of the Nursing Assistant Program classes.


  • Through in-person skills practice.
  • Your skills check off will be performed with your clinical instructor and other students.
  • These areas include will included Activity of Daily Living task such as (bathing, feeding, and grooming), positioning the patient, transferring the patient, and taking vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, oxygen levels
  • Safety and Body Mechanic’s, General care of elderly population


Upon successful completion of the theory and lab portion of this course designed to prepare Nursing Assistance student to begin clinical rotations and training working directly with residents of a long-term care facility under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

Essential Healthcare Services Assistant Program

We offer a range of time options so that you can learn around your schedule. Nurse Assistant Program can be your first step towards a brighter future. Training is offered year-round, including summers